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What’s in a Quiz: Structure and Modules

What’s in a Quiz is an English Literature Quiz for graduates and postgraduates conducted by TES.  The quiz will cover all world literatures in English. There won’t be questions from Criticism and Theory.
A team should be in a size of 2-5 members including a Team Captain.  The Team should have a name from the literature background which should be selected at the time of submission of application.

The Quiz will have 4 different rounds and will last for about an hour and a half.

Rapid Fire
Every team will be given 4 options of topics based on period and/or genre to choose from and 5 questions will be continuously asked to every team without answer transferability. Every question will carry 10 points.

Pass, pass
Every team will send forth two members who will be asked two questions in this round. There are no answer options. The right answer gets 20 points. If they cannot answer, they can seek the help of their team at the cost of 10 marks.  If the team cannot answer, the question will be passed to the next team whose correct answer will fetch 15 points. A negative answer from the first team will take away 5 points from that team. No negative points for the team to which the answer is transferred.

Against the Clock
Every team will be asked the maximum number of questions within 3 minutes without answer options.  The questions should be answered with the support of The Contemporary Encyclopaedia of British Literature (2 volumes) that will be provided to the students.  For every wrong answer, the team will get minus five points.

Clue Time
Teams will be given the maximum of 4 hints to find the answer. The question cannot be passed to the next team.  Score will be based on Hints, one of which will be visual.
If the team identifies the answer in the 1st hint 20 points; 2nd hint 15; 3rd hint 10; 4th hint 5

First prize Rs 10K
Second prize Rs 7K
Third prize Rs 5K
There will be consolation prizes too

What's in a Quiz will be conducted on 13 July as part of an English Literature Quiz Fest at Udyan Convention and Exhibition Centre, Chakkaraparambu, Vennala, Ernakulam. The Literature Fest that starts at 10 am is free for all and includes exciting games and activities based on literature.  The Quiz will start at 3 pm.

To register, call 9387839871
To know more details, call Dr Kalyani Vallath 8136996579
To come to Udyan, call 7736992205


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